Biblical Inspiration and Quantum Mechanics

You wouldn’t think two topics could have less in common than quantum mechanics and the inspiration of scripture, but I suspect they are intimately connected. As I’ve said before, all it takes for God to be God is for him to have retained control over his creation at the quantum level of our reality. Our physical universe is constructed in such a way as to make that quite plausible. Everything that is begins at the tiniest scale, an arena of seemingly chaotic, random events that somehow cohere into the world we experience. Even we imagine that one day humans will learn to build from the quantum level in a small way. Every trekkie knows that each time Captain Picard orders “tea, Earl Grey, hot”, his replicator is doing just that. So why shouldn’t the God who created us have that same ability, albeit on a grander scale?

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Nature and Super-Nature: Part 3

Ex nihilo nihil fit. Out of nothing, nothing comes. One of the great questions of our existence is why there is something rather than nothing. Why does anything exist? As this Latin phrase suggests, if ever there was a point where absolutely nothing existed, then that state of nothingness would still be the case. Therefore, something must be eternally self-existent. That is the logical quandary we find ourselves in.

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